23 October, 2015

A Cheshire delight at Hare Hill

You know those lazy Sundays when the sun is shining and you're looking for somewhere to visit? I recently came across a great place to enjoy your surroundings on a sunny day in the heart of Cheshire. The sign below is what greets you on arrival at this place - what a great invitation!

Hare Hill is a very tranquil place thst can be found between Alderley Edge and Macclesfield. It's a ten acre garden surrounded by parkland, and the perfect place to have a leisurely stroll.

There is a stunning walled garden which is full of vibrant colours, even at this time of year. There are plently of benches where you can grab a seat and enjoy the sunshine. 

I didn't spot any hares when I visited, but I did see a few carved from wood like the one in the photo above - great for the little ones to find as you wander around the gardens.

The countryside around Hare Hill is stunning and on a clear day, you can enjoy great views over the Cheshire Plain. I'd highly recommend a visit to Hare Hill - it's open until the end of October, so make it quick!

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