08 May, 2015

Travel Photo Friday: Getting dizzy in Majorca!

If you get a little bit car sick, then today's photo might be enough to push you over the edge! I haven't suffered from travel sickness since I was a child, but after undertaking this road in Majorca....I have to admit I was a little queasy! Its official name is Col de Cal Reis, but it's widely know as Sa Calobra, or the Cobra....for obvious reasons! It's a marvel of engineering, and drops just over 2,000 feet over the course of six miles, but it's the series of never-ending hairpins that make for a hairy journey!

At the bottom, there are a couple of restaurants (only open in spring and summer) and a tiny cove, but if you ride a bike, then this is on the hit list of any cyclist who visits the island. In fact it has long been considered the toughest climb in Majorca. If you're doing it by car, and are feeling a bit green around the gills, then make sure you make time to stop for a rest a the bottom. Once you're down there, yes you guessed it....the only way is up!

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