27 September, 2013

Bowled over by Sweden's capital city

 Before I visited Stockholm, I wasn't sure what to expect. I knew it the capital of Sweden; I knew it was spread across fourteen islands in the south-east of the country - but that was about it. When I got there, I was stunned by its beauty and the whole vibe of the place.

The fact that this beautiful city is built on islands, means there are lots of beautiful bridges connecting them all - in fact there are 57 bridges! Another thing that strikes you as a visitor is how clean the city is, despite the streets bustling with people in the summer months. I've never seen so many people just sitting around enjoying some food and a glass or two of wine!

Speaking of food, there's one thing you must try when in Stockholm - the traditional Swedish dish of meatballs, and brown cream sauce. They are served with lingonberries (similar in taste to cranberries), which compliment the dish beautifully. 

Top tip: Make sure you spend time wandering the streets of Gamla Stan (the Old Town) - there are picturesque streets; great shops and restaurants, and this is where the city seems to come alive!

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