26 July, 2013

Travel Photo Friday: Titanic proportions

On a recent trip to Belfast, I visited the Titanic experience, which tells the tragic tale of the world's most famous liner. As well as the main exhibition (which extends over nine galleries), you can also visit the Titanic Dock and Pump-house - which is where today's photo was taken. Titanic sat in this very dry dock on the eve of her first and last voyage in April of 1912. What I loved about it was that you're able to wander around the dock by yourself, and soak up the sheer scale of the liner - just take a look at the size of the people in the photo below, and that gives you an idea of how massive the dock is!

Top tip: If you go to the Titanic Experience, I'd highly recommend a trip to the dry dock as well - it's very strange, and ghostly to walk in the footstep of the Titanic. 

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