02 April, 2013

Caribbean blues...

Yes folks, I'm back from the Caribbean and I've got the blues! I remember Enya sang a beautiful song called Caribbean blue - it was a happy tune, but I'm feeling a little glum to be back in this rubbish UK weather! My trip was absolutely amazing, and I visited some fantastic old haunts, and found some new gems which I'll be sharing with you all over the coming months.

The way I'm feeling got me thinking about how much we all dream about going on holiday, and March is the peak month for dreaming about sunnier climes - nice to know I'm not alone in doing this! A study by a well known travel website found that the average Brit spends 13 minutes a day during March dreaming about sunnier climes - that's more than any other month of the year. It's probably because winter is coming to an end, and we start to think about escaping the harsh British winter. 

Now that we're in April and the weather is still terrible, something tells me the stats this month will be similar! As we are now in the month of April, surely this means things can only get better from here on in - here's hoping! Where do you dream of going this year? Email me on the address on my contact page, or feel free to leave your comments below!

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