16 October, 2012

Michelin star dining in Dublin

Today's featured restaurant is the first Michelin starred place to be featured on Travel Lightbulb. The whole point of my blog is to feature things that suit everyone, from big budget luxury destinations to cheap as chips finds that are just as special. Chapter One, a stunning restaurant in Dublin, is leaning towards the more expensive side of things, but it's actually great value for the fantastic food and I couldn't leave it out. 

It has been said that you are not just buying a meal when you eat here, but that instead you're buying an experience, and I couldn't agree more with that statement. The attention to detail is fantastic, and the staff are friendly and have perfected their service so it's neither overly formal, or too casual.

So onto the food itself. The head chef focuses on local and seasonal producer to create an array of modern dishes with robust flavours. There are plenty of options for the carnivore, and also for the fish lover. They also cater extremely well for vegetarians with a whole menu dedicated to those who prefer that option.

Speaking of the menu options, you can go for anything from pre-theatre to a four course dinner. They also have tasting menus if you really want to savour lots of different flavours. If you're visiting Dublin, and want a superb culinary experience, then book a table at Chapter One. Their official website can be found here.

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