17 August, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - Tales from Japan

Today on Travel Photo Friday we travel to Japan - a country I find both beautiful and exciting. It's a contribution which comes from Beth Nicholls who is currently on a six month adventure in Japan. So let's hear the story behind the photo.

"Fushimi Inari is quite an extraordinary place. A few miles south of Kyoto, it is home to over 1000 red torii shrine gates, which weave around the mountainside. ‘Inari’ is the name of the god of rice, a diet staple and fundamental part of Japanese life. There are thousands of Inari shrines across the country but the one at Fushimi is the most famous. It was founded twelve centuries ago, and remains an active part of the community. Nearly every single one of the 1000+ cinnabar red shrine gates are ‘sponsored’ by local businesses. But when a company’s name is written in beautiful flowing kanji lettering, it somehow doesn’t feel commercial at all."

"Each of them offer prayers for prosperity – and some of them pay as much as $150,000 for the privilege! I visited with my parents many years ago and we purchased a tiny red model gate from the shrine shop and hid it in the forest, off the mountain path. We searched for it but couldn’t find it this time round – I like to think that a cheeky wild monkey moved it and uses it as the entrance to his little house in the trees…"

Beth - what a beautiful photo and a wonderful story! I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in the unique country that is Japan. Beth is the founder of 'Do What You Love', and you can read more about her adventures on her blog which can be found at dowhatyouloveforlife.com. If you want to contribute, please email your travel photo, along with a paragraph about it at the email address on my contact page.

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