20 August, 2012

LODGE WEEK: Argentinian serenity

Argentina is a country that's very much on my list of places to visit, and when I stumbled upon the magical place I'm featuring today (in the first of two posts on lodges), it climbed even higher up my bucket list! Aguas Arriba Lodge is 37km from Chalten (the trekking capital of Argentina), and overlooks Desierto Lake. It's under the distant gaze of Mount Fitz Roy, with majestic views of the Vespignani glacier.

You can only get to the lodge by boat (or a three hour trek if you're fit enough!), ensuring total seclusion and a serene experience.  The seven rooms are extremely comfortable, and have picture postcard views . In fact many guests leave their curtains open so they wake up to the sun rising over Mount Fitz Roy.

There are lots of hiking trails around the lodge and each evening before dinner, you all get together to plan the activities for the following day- such as treks, fly fishing or boat trips. The great thing is, because you're already in a stunning secluded location, you have the advantage of feeling like you're in the wilderness while still being close to the lodge.

On offer is delicious food described by the lodge as fresh, natural, local and 'Grandma's recipes'! You can enjoy the food in the dining room; the living room, or on the deck overlooking the lake with amazing views of the glaciers.  There are lovely places to relax apart from your room. There is a library with books on everything from Patagonia to classic cars, and history. You can watch the sunsets or full starry sky from the deck, and there is a second deck at the back of the house which faces the forest.

It's a superb place for those who love nature and the beauty of the mountains to immerse themselves in the magnificent natural splendor of Mount Fitz Roy and the Argentine Andes. The motto on the official website says: ""leave the hiking shoes, the mud, water and the mountain in the entrance hall. Get on your comfy shoes, breath in and relax" - sounds like a plan to me!


  1. Best lodge in Argentina!i've been there and the views from the room(even from the bathroom)are just amazing!Lots of trout and the owners themselves took me to some unbelievable fly fishing spots.Great people,highly recommended.

  2. Surely, THE BEST PLACE. It´s a patagonian MUST!!
    Don´t miss out on the Aguas Arriba adventure.
    Just when you think the gravel road ends, the glacier and mountain ridge opens up to reveal a well hidden treasure- a valley, portrayed with a narrow emerald green lake and hanging glaciers, to the North Chile, to the South Mt. Fitz Roy and Mt. Torre and to the East AGUAS ARRIBA LODGE!
    Access to the lodge is only by boat or walking amongst a pristine nothofagus forest where if you get lucky you might bump into a Huemul. It is far off MY FAVORITE place of Patagonia. Delighted to have visited it, and very thankful. Pato Garcia and Ivor Matovic are simply amazing hosts, they make you feel so at home!!