30 July, 2012

The elephant in the room

When you're on your travels, sometimes you come across something that tickles you - and that's what happened on a trip to Portugal earlier this year. I was on my way to Martinhal beach in the Algarve, which is overlooked by the stunning Martinhal beach resort and hotel, when I came across this little guy.

It was part of a touring exhibition of art from Quinta dos Vales (a winery, retreat and arts centre in Estombar) and there were lots of elephants placed in all different locations around the grounds of the resort.

They were all very different in both colour and texture - some painted, while some had pretty cool mosaics. The way the light hit the elephants was just stunning - especially the way the strong Portuguese sunshine hits the darker sculptures.

My own personal favourite was the elephant in the photo below - she looked like she was out for a morning stroll, enjoying the beautiful views from her vantage point!

Sadly, the exhibition is no longer there, but I couldn't resist posting the photos, as they look great! If  you missed my review of the Martinhal hotel itself, click here to read the post - it's also worth going for a cocktail, but it should be noted they don't serve drinks at the hotel itself until 3.30pm - the beach bar is the place to go before then!

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