20 July, 2012

Life's a beach

Today's photo makes me want to jump on a plane! It comes from cameraman and budding photographer Dan Martland, who contributed an amazing Manhattan scene a few months ago (click here if you missed it!). Let's hear more about today's photo from Dan himself.

Just a two hour flight from New York to Delray beach in Florida, it's amazing how the weather is so different. What better way to spend your birthday, than out in the sun! This seagull has the right idea!

Top tip: If you ever get the chance to visit Delray beach, you must try the best ice cream in America. check out "Kilwin's".

Thanks Dan...fantastic shot, and my mouth is watering at the thought of the ice cream! If you'd like to see more of Dan's photos, take a look at his gallery here. If you'd like to share you're own photo with me on Travel Lightbulb, then send your pic, and a short paragraph about where it was taken to the email address on my contact page. Have a great weekend everyone!

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