04 June, 2012

Flying, love it or hate it?

It's the first Monday of the month, and time for another of my  travel ramblings. I decided to feature one of the most important parts of travelling.....flights. Many people love travelling, but hate flying - so which category do you fall into - do you love it, or hate it? 

Flying can be an amazing experience, and if you want to get away in a hurry, then simply jumping on a plane, and reaching your destination a few hours later is the easy way to do it. Having said that, there can be many downsides to this type of transport such as a toddler in the row behind you who won't stop kicking your seat, or delays that mean you're stuck in the airport for hours spending your holiday cash on sunglasses you don't need!

Surely there are also positives to flying - we all spend the majority of our time working hard, and not getting a chance to relax. So if you're on a long flight then a few hours of reading a good book; listening to some music, or watching a film you didn't have time to see at the cinema is surely a bonus as you make your way to your final destination without doing a thing! Even better, you can do that while sipping on a cold beer or glass of bubbly - you can't do that on a driving holiday!

For me, living in the UK, my holiday starts as soon as the plane gets above the clouds, and you see that stunning blue sky. You know then that the next time you touch the ground, you're officially on holiday and nothing can trouble you for the next two weeks. Which camp are you in - do you love it or hate it?!

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