18 June, 2012

Bird watching in Tobago

I have never been a binocular carrying; bird watching type, but when you visit the Caribbean on a regular basis you can't help but become interested in the stunning colourful birds that are constantly flying around. I recently came across the perfect place for bird watchers and novices alike to watch birds at close hand on the stunning island of Tobago. 

We read about Adventure Farm and Nature Reserve on a superb website called My Tobago - a fantastic resource if you're thinking of going to the island. Although we'd read a report on a forum, we didn't really know what to expect, but it was one of the highlights of our stay. The twelve acre estate is on the Arnos Vale Road, and is owned by Ean MacKay. 

The photo above shows just how lush the entrance to the estate is, and once you've parked up, it gets even better! When we went, there was no one around....just a little note telling us to make a small payment in a tiny wooden box; to take a couple of pieces of banana, and put them on the branches of the trees. We took a seat and waited.

Within seconds of sitting down on deck chairs, dozens of different coloured hummingbirds appeared at the sugar water dispensers (see above). While they may be famous for the whirring noise they make with their tiny wings, we actually saw them stop flying, and just sit and drink - amazing!  Larger birds then appeared on the branches of the trees in front of us where we'd placed the fruit. We saw lots of different species, but the most stunning had to be the Mot Mot (see below) which has vivid blue feathers on it's head, and a long distinctive racket like tail.

After that, we took a little walk around the estate - there is a little path to follow, which takes you on a lovely stroll - keep your eyes peeled, as we saw more beautiful birds on our walk. As well as simply visiting, you can also stay in the eco villas or the apartment on the estate so you can make the most of life in this peaceful place. Guests can pick herbs from the garden to use in their meals, and as it's only 20 minutes from the airport, it would be a great location from which to explore this beautiful island. 

If you want to spend a morning/evening surrounded by beautiful birds in a peaceful location, then I can't recommend this highly enough! For more information on bird watching and the accommodation options, click here.

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