13 April, 2012

Travel Photo Friday - Cycling the continents

I love today's photo - it comes with a great story which has certainly impressed me, over to Steve Fabes....

Like all decisions of great consequence my plan to cycle the length of six of the earth's continents over five years was made in a pub, beer in one hand, mini-atlas in the other! I'm currently two years in and riding through South America. The photo below was taken on a remote Andean pass near the Chile-Argentine border at over 4000 metres altitude. I was suffering a bit from altitude sickness at the time and just wanted to freewheel down the pass, but in the end I'm glad I took the time to line up the shot.

Steve - all the best with your incredible adventure, it sounds amazing, challenging and inspirational! If you'd like to follow Steve's progress, click here to have a look at his blog. If you want to share your own travel photo with me, just send it to me using the email address on my contact page, and include a short paragraph about where it was taken. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

1 comment:

  1. What a neat idea! I love seeing other people's pictures of places they have been. And what a beautiful shot this is. Wow Steve, what a journey! Good luck and have a blast! I can't even imagine what neat things you will see.