10 August, 2011

Cala Deià - a piece of heaven in Majorca

When you think of Majorca, what images do you conjure up in your head? Is it that 18-30 holiday in Magaluf that you can't believe you went on all those years ago?! Do you think of the bustling city and port of Palma? Or have you discovered the REAL Majorca like I did a couple of years ago? I stayed in Port de Sóller, which is a lovely little village and port with some fabulous restaurants. However, that wasn't the real discovery on our holiday. That came when we we took a day trip to the stunningly picturesque village of Deiá. When you drive through the village, towards Sóller, there is a little turning to the left just outside the village. You have to drive very carefully down the winding lane, and then park up and walk the last 600 feet or so, but this is your reward.

Cala Deiá is a very small cove on the steep northwest coast, which has fantastically clear water. Rocky cliffs curve around the bay, making it feel like a hidden paradise. Now I'm not a huge fan of shingle beaches, but it's such a stunning little cove that you can't help but move the pebbles underneath your beach towel and ensure you find a comfortable little spot for the day.

If you can pull yourself away from the beach for a spot of lunch, there is a superb beach bar nestled into the cliff on the left hand side of the beach, which is run by three generations of fishermen. The food is surprisingly good, and there's something fabulous about the ramshackle appearance of the place!

The sea is a wonderful sapphire colour and snorkelling here is excellent as the water is so clear. It's a very peaceful place, and you benefit from going early and slightly out of season (I went in June) so that it's not too crowded - after all, why would you want to share this piece of heaven! 

Have you been to Majorca? Please share your experiences below!

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  1. I'm off to Majorca in late September, so will try and check out this beach - it looks stunning!