15 August, 2011

Boutique Barbados

I often think about winning the lottery (don't we all!), and where I would stay if I was lucky enough to hold the winning ticket. I'd want to get away from it all, and chill out in a special place where I could think of how to spend my money. The great thing is, I know exactly where that place is! The Lone Star - a boutique hotel, restaurant and bar on the West Coast of the Caribbean island of Barbados. 

Photo courtesy of Lone Star
Constructed in the 1940's, Lone Star was originally a garage - at the time, it was the only garage on the West coast that was licensed to sell petrol! In 1996, the building was sold to the present owner. The building may have been completely changed in the redevelopment, but it is still possible to make out the original name on the façade of the garage. The restaurant staff also wear mechanics’ overalls and baseball caps - a nice touch!

Photo courtesy of Lone Star
The hotel and restaurant sit on a stunning white sand beach, and it really is a location where James Bond would feel right at home! The restaurant itself is equally stunning at both day and night, and serves everything from crispy aromatic duck to lamb shank. As delightful as the restaurant and bar are, it's the hotel that really grabs my attention.

Photo courtesy of Lone Star
There are only four large suites, and the present owner has continued the garage theme by naming them after cars; Cord, Lincoln, Buick and Studebaker. All rooms have shady terraces, and direct access to the beach. They're decorated in contemporary style; have king sized beds; Philippe Starck fittings, and, of course, the sublime view out onto the Caribbean sea. So, I know where I'd stay....now all I need is the winning ticket! For more information visit the official website here.

If you won the lottery, where is the first place you would go to decide how to spend your winnings?


  1. I'd go to Hawaii to do my 'thinking' ;)

  2. In Barbados at the moment and just visited Lone Star for dinner last night. All I can say is that my husband and I found it absolute perfection. The restaurant setting; the food, and the staff were all magical. We were the
    early diners at 6.30 (all we could get as it's so popular), when people were
    having sundowners at the bar. It was most interesting to watch the bar
    empty and the restaurant fill throughout the evening. A wonderful experience. Thank you Mandy. We will return. Margaret.

  3. Glad to hear it was a good suggestion...fast becoming 'the' place to eat on the West Coast!